Nuttin' but a Word

A performance photo from Nuttin' but a Word, with a group of hip-hop dancers performing on stage.

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February 23 @ 12 PM & 4 PM only

Run Dates

February 15, 2025 - February 23, 2025

Upcoming Scheduled Events

February 20, 2025, February 22, 2025

Running Time

1:0 hrs

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Show Description

Celebrated choreographer Rennie Harris returns to the New Victory for a record seventh time to lay down his three laws of hip-hop—individuality, creativity, innovation. Here to expose the essence of their art form with unmatched subtlety and surprise, the indefatigably disciplined dancers of Puremovement (Funkedified, 2018) command the stage with a mixtape of moves from b-boying to Campbell locking to house. Every step tells a story in sync with the rhythm, honoring hip-hop’s roots while raising the bar to new heights. You can try to shout ’em down, but you ain’t said Nuttin’ but a Word.

Audience Advisory

Recommended for everyone ages 8 and up


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Standard Tickets

February 15, 2025 - February 23, 2025

Wheelchair seating, assistive listening devices, loopSystem, and autism friendly supports are always available.

For Show Times, see Performance Schedule above.


Wheelchair-accessible entry is located to the right of the main entrance and features a lift.

Use the standard ticket button to purchase tickets.

(646) 223-3010
Hearing: Assistive Listening Devices

ALDs are available free of charge at the Accessibility Table in the lower lobby.

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Induction neckloops are available for patrons at the Accessibility Table in the lower lobby.

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Autism Friendly

Supports like fidgets, earplugs, sunglasses and a quiet Cozy Zone are available at all performances.

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Sign Language Tickets

February 22, 2025

Saturday @ 7:00 PM

Audio Description: Live Tickets

February 20, 2025

Thursday @ 2:00 PM

Theatre Details


New Victory Theater
209 W 42nd St
New York, NY 10036

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Public Transportation

By Subway: 1, 2, 3, 7, N, R, Q, W, S, A, C, E to 42nd St / Times Square

Additional Accessibility Details

Wheelchair Info: Six official locations. Orchestra. Two in Row N on right side of theater. Balcony. Four at extreme side of balcony. Note: More locations can be made available in side boxes of orchestra.

Elevator\Escalator: Attended. Call button 43". Accesses all levels of theaters. Braille/raised letters and visual control indicators.

Passenger Loading Zone: Front Curb.

Parking: Valet parking lot: 42nd St. and 8th Ave.

Entrance: Three sets of double doors in series (each); three steps into lobby.Alternate Entrance: Box office will open the entrance to the right side of the steps at ground level. Double doors (each 27") lead to wheelchair lift (450 lb. Capacity).

Box Office: Lower lobby. Counter 26". Note: Wheelchairs must use wheelchair entrance.

Restroom: Womens and Mens: Lower lobby. Attendant. Door 40". Stall door 32". Commode 20". Grab bars. Urinal (Mens) 20". Unisex: Balcony. Door 33". Commode 16".

Water Fountain: Lower lobby. Spout 35". Braille sign.

Telephone: Lower lobby. Coin slot 54". Cord 29". Volume control.

Assisted Listening System: Occasional sign-language interpreted performances.

Visual Assistance: None.